January 14, 2018
by Mrs Broadbent

Oh What Rascally Fun we Had!

What an exciting week we had in Year 1! It started with making some amazing creations at our Building afternoon and the fun continued when we made Rascally sandwiches as part of our English unit. We made ‘red maggot’ (aka carrot), bogeys (lime jelly) and spiders legs (red and black laces sweets) sandwiches,  which most children were brave enough to taste and many even declared “delicious”! The purpose of all this is to use it to learn to write a set of instructions and to learn what an exclamation is. This week we will be writing exclamations starting with What … Read more

January 7, 2018
by Mrs Broadbent

Happy New Year!

Welcome back and welcome to the Spring term in Year one! Having finally taken down all signs of Christmas in my house yesterday, I now feel the festive season is well and truly over. It was lovely to hear all the children’s news on Thursday and hopefully you have now shared with them their writing in their News Writing books which came home on Friday. Santa certainly seems to have been very kind and some very interesting visits undertaken. So this coming week we are kicking off our Buildings topic with our KS1 Buildings afternoon on Monday. Please remember to … Read more

December 17, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

Only 8 sleeps to go!

We really are getting quite close to the big day now and the children in Year 1 have been enjoying all the Christmas activities. The panto at the Harlington Centre was great fun and we were so proud of the way the children behaved so sensibly walking there and back and during the production. It was wonderful to see so many children captivated by the show; I know what I need to do now when I want them to keep concentrating and focus their attention! Thank you to our parent helpers: we could not have gone without you. The performance … Read more

December 10, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

What stars they all were!

Wow…how fantastic the Year 1 children were in all three performances last week! It was amazing to see how confidently they performed and I was particularly impressed with their loud clear speaking voices. I know as parents you were bursting with pride and the staff felt a mixture of pride, relief and exhaustion all rolled into one! Thank you for all your hard work in providing costumes and rehearsing their lines and getting the children back to school on Thursday night even after their usual bedtime. Next week the festive theme continues and we are very excited about going to … Read more

December 1, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

While I hope you have been enjoying the Inset day with your children, the teachers have been busy Christmas-ifying their classrooms today.  Exclamations of “Do you remember how the children loved this last year?” and “Where shall I put this tree/tinsel/decoration?” could be heard as we prepared for the next few weeks. We had a lot of fun and I am hoping the children will walk in on Monday morning and say “Wow!” when they see their new role-play areas and Christmas decorations. Next week we are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our Christmas performances. I know … Read more

November 25, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

Can’t get the Christmas songs out of my head!

It is exactly a month until the big day and we have started our rehearsals for the Christmas performance and will be carrying on in earnest next week. I have the songs going round and round in my head which keeps me feeling quite jolly! Please do remember to send in your child’s costume by Thursday and to keep practising their lines with them if they have a speaking part. With the Christmas disco today and Fleet Festivities on Wednesday, I know the children will be starting to get excited. Last week the children worked hard to write a diary … Read more

November 19, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

So much more creative than in my day!

What an exciting place to learn Tavistock is! In addition to all the Maths, Reading and Writing which we do on a daily basis, the children are regularly treated to special events which make up such a rich and creative experience. Last week we thoroughly enjoyed the panto and the iRock assembly and this week each class will be walking across to All Saints to the Life Education bus where they will meet Harold the Giraffe who teaches them all about ‘My Wonderful Body’ and how to stay healthy. When I was at school a thousand years ago I remember … Read more

November 12, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

First signs of the festive season

I can see some of the other teachers in their blogs have mentioned the ‘C word’ and at the moment my house is filled with the lovely smell of Christmas cake. My daughter is home from university for the weekend and wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on any family preparations (I did assure her it was early days!) so we have made our Christmas cake together this afternoon. I am secretly heartened that she still wants to do things like this with me even though she is “grown up” now! At school we have started to get … Read more

November 5, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

Where will your Flat character go?

A big thank you to all the Mums and other helpers who came into school on Friday and made our Mums in School day such a success. We hope that you enjoyed it and that it gave you a flavour of what your child does at school all day. We even sent you off with some homework – to help your child address their envelope and send off their Flat character to an unsuspecting relative or friend! Please remember to send in any note or photo that comes back to show us what Flat Tia/ Peter etc got up to … Read more

October 13, 2017
by Mrs Broadbent

Super-excited about Science

This week we have really enjoyed finding out more about the Great Fire of London and even tackled a Maths problem linked to it. We were sorting 10 people fleeing the fire into 2 boats and finding lots of ways to do it. Number bonds to 10 in disguise of course, but the children enjoyed drawing 2 boats and sorting figures of little people to solve the problem. Some children even extended to 3 boats to challenge themselves. Next week we are really looking forward to a wide range of investigations in Science week. On Monday the children will be … Read more