October 20, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Week 7 – A Super Science Week

What an exciting way to end our first half term. The children have thoroughly enjoyed all the investigations they have taken part in and there have been lots of discussion, predictions and conclusions. We started the week with the children moving around the school to take part in 6 very different investigations ranging from Dancing Raisins to Jelly Babies in ice cubes to finger printing. It was also interesting to look at the pictures of Scientists they had brought in and to share the Science books. On Tuesday, we started the day with a very exciting assembly led by the … Read more

October 14, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Week 6 – Flat stories and Fractions!

In our English lessons this week, the children wrote their own ‘Flat People‘ stories and we have enjoyed reading them. We had flat knights, flat ghosts and a wide range of other flat characters. The children worked hard and have produced some lovely work. They had a lot to remember as we were looking for a clear structure to the story, capital letters and full stops, adjectives, joining words and different sentence starters. In a few weeks, the Year Two teachers will be attending a moderation meeting with other schools in the area to look at both Maths and Writing. … Read more

October 7, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Week 5 – We found Flat Stanley!

Our new English unit started this week and is based around the stories about Flat Stanley. On Monday morning, the children found a letter from Flat Stanley asking them to help him. A quick search soon found him under one of the units in the classroom and we then read the story. We all know now that Flat Stanley is about 4 feet tall, 1 foot wide and about half an inch thick – this started a discussion about why Stanley wasn’t measured in centimetres and metres! By the end of the week, the children had planned their own stories … Read more

September 30, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Autumn Term –Week 4 –A bridge too far!

In English this week, the children planned and wrote their non-chronological reports about rats. We have learnt lots of ‘rat facts’ over the last three weeks but the favourite was that rats like to eat scrambled egg and macaroni cheese! I think this fact appeared in most of the reports we have read so far. We start a new unit of work next week based around the Flat Stanley stories and the children will eventually write their own Flat Stanley story. This story brings back happy memories for me, as it was a favourite of the Vicar’s children who I … Read more

September 24, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Autumn Term – Week 3

We had a very exciting start to our week with the Fire of London workshops on Monday. The children all enjoyed taking part in some role-play and learnt many new facts – I am sure they have told you all about it. The leaders of the workshop were very impressed with the children’s knowledge about the Great Plague too. Mole and Fox classes have now completed their ‘Plague’ lessons and Squirrel class finish next week. We are now moving on to our Fire of London topic. In English this week we have been practising using a variety of sentence starters … Read more

September 16, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Autumn Term – Week 2

This has been our first full on curriculum week and the children have been working hard. We launched into our History Topic and started to learn about the Great Plague. Miss Sheppard dressed up as the Plague Doctor and the children learnt about the special protective clothing that the doctor would have worn. We also learnt about the symptoms of the plague and the theories people had about the causes. We will be doing some more role-play next week linked to the Great Plague. In English, we started a three week unit of work on rats. We looked at both … Read more

September 9, 2017
by Mrs Francis

Autumn Term Week One – Welcome

Welcome to the first Year Two blog. If you want to find out what we have been up to each week then this is where you need to be. Well we have all enjoyed our first week back and the children are settling in really well. It is great to see them all coming in on their own and settling down to the Busy Job. There are some new routines for them to learn and we all need to get to know each other. We also have some new technology in Year Two that will help to enhance learning. We … Read more