Bugs, Beasties and Biliousness!

What a title for my last blog but it sums up this half term nicely. I always laugh and say some people get company cars with their jobs and teachers get nits and little silvery trails on their clothes well this last week especially,  Tavistock has been hit by the dreaded lurgy. Not only has the sick bug been making its way around the children, it has also hit many of the staff. I was getting so worried at one point I thought I might have to take a class myself! Luckily we have soldiered on and we will be reminding children and adults alike to wash their hands frequently, to wipe their noses on a tissue and not their sleeve, and eat up their greens after half term in the vain attempts to stay healthy. If everyone could practise nose blowing at half term that would be great!

I can’t actually believe that we are at the end of the first half term because we seem to have achieved so much. The Year R children know their way around and have made friends. The Year 1 and Year 2 children have settled into their new routines. The teachers and LSAs haven’t done too badly either. Our Inspector called and said nice things. We collected lots for the food bank during our Harvest Festival. Millers Ark came to visit Year R and two people from 1666 came to talk about life in London during the great fire. It really has been none stop. Next stop ‘Jingle Bells Jingle Bells…’

I have also been quite busy this half term writing our SIP and SEF and I will let you guess what the initials stand for. My aim was to get the documents as finished as they can be by half term and because they make my head hurt and I need total peace and quiet with no disturbances I have been missing from the gate a couple of times this week. I have been told that children miss me when I am not there which is lovely as it is such an important part of my day making sure everyone arrives with a smile on their face.

Earlier this week we had an open morning for prospective parents and one of the most important things I said to the parents was that we don’t have robots at our school who we can just programme to do exactly what we want them to do. I also said that our children are not just jugs of water that we fill up with ‘academic’ stuff and ignore everything else. I know every school will say that they want to develop ‘the whole child’ but I believe that this is an absolute strength of Tavistock Infant School. We aren’t saints but I expect all adults to smile, unfold their arms and show the children that we care. If a child behaves in a way that could be considered undesirable there is always a reason for that. It can just be that the child doesn’t have the language to explain how they are feeling or how they feel wronged. It is our job to help all the children to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. It is our job to be patient, understanding and go the extra mile.

No doubt the last remaining teachers who haven’t taken to their sickbeds will be leaving the school promptly today and collapsing in a heap when they get home. I will be doing the same and dipping Hobnobs, chocolate digestives, rich teas from Sainsbury’s and oatflake and treacle cookies in my brew because the children found that they were the best biscuits to dip! Science week has been a blast and I am sure that half term will be wonderful as well!