Headteacher’s Blog

December 5, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor

Two down, seven to go!

Although I used to really enjoy the Christmas plays when I was a teacher, I must admit that I don’t miss all the hard work that goes into putting them on. As a HT I am now lucky enough to be able to watch all nine plays not just my own. I listen to all the rehearsals and it brings back many memories of when I used to be in charge of the music and Mrs Francis did everything else. I don’t think I actually helped at all because I used to like the bits that went wrong. This morning … Read more

November 19, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor


This coming week my assemblies are going to be about friendship. It will be interesting to hear what the children think makes a good friend and whether they think they are a good friend to someone else. I will also be talking about how being a friend can sometimes be hard and in fact we may choose to not be friends with someone at all. It is such a complex issue really because whilst I absolutely agree that we should all be tolerant and respectful of others, it is a different matter to be ‘friends’ with someone. A friend to … Read more

November 5, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor

Please will you cut my steak?

I am asked many things as a headteacher but I imagine you didn’t think that I would be ever asked to cut someone’s steak! It really made me smile as many children just call the brown stuff ‘meat’ whether it is chicken, pork or beef. Clearly this young man had a much more refined palate and knew his prime steak from his mince. I certainly wish school dinners had consisted of steak at St Peter’s C of E Primary in Chorley. I don’t think we ever had meat, never mind steak. It has been a busy first week back at … Read more

October 20, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor

Bugs, Beasties and Biliousness!

What a title for my last blog but it sums up this half term nicely. I always laugh and say some people get company cars with their jobs and teachers get nits and little silvery trails on their clothes well this last week especially,  Tavistock has been hit by the dreaded lurgy. Not only has the sick bug been making its way around the children, it has also hit many of the staff. I was getting so worried at one point I thought I might have to take a class myself! Luckily we have soldiered on and we will be … Read more

October 11, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor

Meal Planner.

I pride myself on being really organised at school and every piece of paper that I have to read and digest has a place. Most times  I can put my hands on something I need in seconds.  I  have good systems in place and very rarely miss deadlines. The same cannot be said for my domestic goddess organisation…until now. When I was last at St Pancras Station I wandered into a lovely stationery shop and there I discovered a meal planner with a tear off slip for a shopping list and a pen. I decided to get myself organised and plan … Read more

October 2, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor


You need to read the title of my blog in a sing song voice and quite high pitch and now I will tell you why. I have quite a stressful job ( I am smiling! ) and have to make lots of decisions instantly. When I am at home I like life to be low key and simple and have someone make decisions for me. Eleanor is really good at organising me, she is her mother’s daughter after all  and has common sense by the barrow load,  but Mr O is slightly and I am being polite, different. To Mr O … Read more

September 22, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor

I am writing my blog today.

This week has been a busy week where I feel I haven’t enough of my five a day. Monday night I had a Governors meeting and last night we held an evening for prospective parents September 2018. I never go home before evening meetings which means I don’t eat properly.  I managed to survive both meetings even though I do get nervous beforehand because I don’t want to let the school down. I think all HTs try to remember everything and feel really guilty if they can’t,  even though it is virtually impossible for anyone to remember everything. I have a … Read more

September 19, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor

I should have done this on Friday.

As the title of my blog suggests I should have written this on Friday because it is now Tuesday and I haven’t finished yet. I wanted to wait until after the Fleet in Bloom Award Ceremony so that I could tell you all about it but Monday came and whilst I started the blog early in the morning, due to circumstances beyond my control I never got it finished. No one can say I have a boring life as one day is never the same as the other but it can be a bit frustrating to not have enough hours … Read more

September 8, 2017
by Mrs O'Connor


I have seen lots of feats of bravery this week where people have gulped back tears, had a stiff upper lip and battled on in the face of adversity. The children have all been fine but the adults have had a few problems! I do still remember when Eleanor started school and I wept buckets, then I did the same again when she went to All Saints Junior School. I think I had ‘manned up’ a bit when she went to secondary school but I have felt rather emotional this week when she turned 21. No matter how old our … Read more