Hedgehog Class

Year 1
Class teacher: Mrs Jamfrey (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday); Mrs Sudron (Friday)
Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Delf (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings); Mrs Greenland (Thursday & Friday mornings)

Fire of London

We Choose the Moon


ReadWrite Inc Phonic Sounds


December 10, 2017
by Mrs Sloss

What a Star! by Year 1

What a Star! – Tuesday 5th December 2017 What a Star! – Wednesday 6th December 2017 Photos:

November 25, 2017
by Mrs Sloss

Christmas Disco – Years 1 and 2

“Thank you TAFF for a fantastic Christmas disco. The children had such fun and the staff were incredible on the dance floor!!!” (Mrs Pienaar – Hedgehog Class & Mole Class) “Thank you also for an amazing disco and all the hard work you put in TAFF team xxxx” (Mrs Williams – Bumblebee Class)

November 21, 2017
by Mrs Sloss

Coram Life Education Workshops

On Monday  Year 1 learnt about the major food groups and a healthy diet. Also about how a person’s behaviour can hurt others’ feelings, and the strategies for making up when friends fall out. On Tuesday Year 2  learnt about the human body and how to deal with feelings and understanding the difference between bullying and unkind behaviour. (Year R’s workshop is tomorrow and photos will be on Tapestry) Many thanks to Fleet Rotary who funded the workshops. I was very lucky to sit in on Hedgehog Class’s and Mole Class’s workshops. These are my photos from those sessions. (Mrs Sloss) … Read more

October 17, 2017
by Mrs Sloss

Science Week – Tuesday

The day started with an assembly led by ‘Mad Science’ and then workshops for KS1: Morning workshops: Any comments from your child about today’s activities sent to the Guestbook will be appreciated.

October 13, 2017
by Mrs Sloss

Fire of London – Hedgehog Class

Hedgehog Class have been creating their own Fire of London pictures. Before they did their own they explored a range of materials including crayons, oil pastels, paint, chalk, tissue paper etc They then chose what they wanted to use and created their own Fire of London picture.