You need to read the title of my blog in a sing song voice and quite high pitch and now I will tell you why.

I have quite a stressful job ( I am smiling! ) and have to make lots of decisions instantly. When I am at home I like life to be low key and simple and have someone make decisions for me. Eleanor is really good at organising me, she is her mother’s daughter after all  and has common sense by the barrow load,  but Mr O is slightly and I am being polite, different. To Mr O the mind blowing decision of whether we should have a last brew before bedtime can be quite challenging. I was getting slightly fed up with being tasked with organising the weekend entertainment every single weekend so I challenged Mr O to SORT SOMETHING OUT HIMSELF! I could have been a little irritated when I said this but he did jump into action. Dinner, cinema, trip to the coast? No Mr O booked us on a day trip to Guernsey on a coach.

After I had got over the shock that he had organised something, cried because I said all the old people would be on the coach and worried about what to wear, I was encouraged to be positive by my friends we duly set off. Farnborough is lovely and dark at 530 on Saturday morning. Poole is very quiet at 730 when everyone else is having a lie in. The Channel is rather choppy at the end of September and not all passengers had good sea legs but we actually had a good time and arrived back in Farnborough at 2145 unscathed. We only had 3 and a half hours in Guernsey but the sun shone, the castle was really interesting and the town of St Peter Port was charming. Mr O and I held hands so that he didn’t run off and get lost. I managed to treat myself and start my Christmas shopping in duty free. We had an ice cream gazing out to sea and all in all it was a lovely day. I am slightly apprehensive what he will book next but I am going to remain positive and be grateful that he took charge and I had a lovely day.

In school we try to give the children as many different experiences as we can and it is often the ‘out of the ordinary’ events that the children remember the most. Teachers work very hard to make sure all the curriculum learning the children have to do is exciting and will draw the children in, but as in life, not everything can be WOW because we would all be exhausted. Plus if we tried to ‘entertain’ children all the time then we are not preparing them for the real world. Some things we do in life are mundane but necessary. Actually some things aren’t pleasant,  like cleaning the oven or the loo but they are necessary. We all have to do things that make us uncomfortable sometimes and actually it is usually these things that make us grow. Mr O doesn’t like organising things himself but he did a really good job. Children might not want to do their writing task for example but it is part of being a learner but they have to do it and they will do a good job. Facing challenges and coming out the other side teaches us so much more than either taking the easy way out or letting someone else do everything for us.

I will keep you informed of Mr O’s next achievement and as long as I get back in one piece I am sure it will be brilliant. I wonder how many minutes on land we would have if he planned a coach trip to Ibiza because I’ve never been there either…