Oh What Rascally Fun we Had!

What an exciting week we had in Year 1! It started with making some amazing creations at our Building afternoon and the fun continued when we made Rascally sandwiches as part of our English unit. We made ‘red maggot’ (aka carrot), bogeys (lime jelly) and spiders legs (red and black laces sweets) sandwiches,  which most children were brave enough to taste and many even declared “delicious”! The purpose of all this is to use it to learn to write a set of instructions and to learn what an exclamation is. This week we will be writing exclamations starting with What and How:  What a frightening cake! How ghastly the cake tasted!

In Maths the children worked really hard last week to order numbers correctly and explain their ordering in terms of tens and ones. This week we are moving on to number bonds to 10 and then to 20. It is so important that the children know these bonds by heart in order to enable them to do more complex addition and subtraction calculations as they progress. We will start by working practically with 10 objects and splitting them into 2 groups in different ways. You can easily practise this at home with anything that appeals to your child (raisins, Lego bricks, coins, teddies…). Once your child is confident practically, you (or they) could write the numbers to ten on bits of paper and see if they can match them to make the number bonds to 10. Once they are getting really good you could even time them and then move on to bonds to 20 and see if they can use their bonds to 10 to help them work out the bonds to 20.

In addition to all this we are enjoying making bridges in our Gymnastics lessons and using pens to draw buildings in our Art lessons inspired by the work of Stephen Wiltshire. In Geography we are comparing homes in the UK with homes in other parts of the world. To build up to this, we made or drew a plan of our bedroom last week and it was delightful to hear the children describing their special place and creating some colourful plans.

This week we will also be welcoming a Final Year student teacher into each class so I am sure your child will come home and tell you all about their additional new teacher.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

On behalf of the Year 1 team

Mrs Broadbent