Vision Statement

Our core purpose at Tavistock Infant School is to create a safe, inspirational and supportive environment in which children can learn happily and prepare for their life ahead.

It is the aim of Tavistock Infant School to:

Teach the children about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and how this can help us to learn to ‘Achieve Happily Together’.

Provide opportunities for parents, children and staff to develop as learners within a supportive community.

Provide a welcoming and high quality learning environment where everyone can do their best.

Include everyone and value and positively encourage each individual’s contribution.

Enable each child to grow in independence and confidence within a secure and consistent framework.

Work alongside the junior schools to ensure children gain the maximum benefit from their early education.

Engage staff, parents and children in evaluating our work with the intention of raising pupils’ achievement.


At Tavistock we aim to be a Rights Respecting school:

Tavistock Charter

Tavistock Charter

Rights Respect & Responsibility

Rights Respect & Responsibility