What will you pass on to your children?

As I sit here starting my blog I can see three goldfinches in my hedge. They are delightful with their red heads and golden flashes on their wings. My mum and dad have passed onto me their love of birds and nature. I am now an avid twitcher looking up birds in a bird book and identifying them gives me joy. It helps me relax and be quiet and still.  As parents it doesn’t matter what you enjoy, but what does matter is remembering to share it with your children. If they are not interested in the same thing as you find out what they are interested in and help them explore it. As you explore your child will learn.

Have you shared your child’s library book with them yet? They can keep it for as long as they want. It can be changed with you on Thursdays after school or at lunch time. Friday is book change day please remember to put the reading diary and book in the box by our notice board outside the classroom door.

I am looking forward to Harvest Festival on Thursday and this coming week we will focus on Harvest and the things that are harvested at autumn time.