Year R Blog

December 16, 2017
by Mrs Hayes


This week, we were lucky enough to take Year R to see Jack and The Beanstalk performed at the Harlington Centre. The children were incredibly well behaved (oh no they weren’t, OH YES THEY WERE!) and it was so nice to have members of staff compliment us on how lovely they all were. I had the pleasure of sitting next to a little girl who had not yet been to the panto, and she squeezed her little hand into mine the whole way through (because she was scared the giant would come out on stage!) Afterwards, when I asked her … Read more

December 9, 2017
by Mrs Hayes

Counting our way to Christmas

Christmas has truly arrived in Year R. The rooms have Christmas decorations coming from every corner, the nativity plays have come to an end (finally!) and the children are making good use of the Santa’s workshops found in each room. Each and every child played a vital role in our play and it was a joy to see their confidence growing with each performance. They were true professionals to the very end; more so than the teachers making mistakes! Obviously, these were deliberate mistakes to teach the children how to carry on professionally! 😉 We hope that you were as … Read more

December 2, 2017
by Mrs Hayes

Nativity Week

This week the children have been real superstars rehearsing the Christmas play, Christmas Counts. While I may have believed that the Christmas play would develop like the film Nativity, I can now state quite firmly that it really is not like the film. In fact, it has only come so far with the tireless work of the teachers, children, and of course parents spending time with their children learning lines and time and money on beautiful costumes. Hopefully you will be able to reap the rewards of watching your child’s first Christmas play next week and have memories to cherish … Read more

November 25, 2017
by Mrs Hayes

Getting ready for Christmas!

We are truly in the swing of Christmas in Year R. We have been working hard during play practices; singing our songs, saying our lines…and making sure that the angels come on at the right time! Please remember to practise your child’s lines so that they are as confident as they possibly can be on the big day. A big thank you to all the parents that have brought their child’s costume in already. If you haven’t done so already, please bring them in on Monday so that we can practise getting 90 children changed and into the hall on … Read more

November 17, 2017
by Mrs Hayes

Another Exciting Week in Year R

We have had another exciting week in Year R. On Tuesday we had a superb Sleeping Beauty pantomime production visiting the school (Oh no we didn’t, oh yes we did!). I have seen many visiting productions over the years and I can honestly say this was one of my favourites. The script was very funny for both the children and the adults, there was just the right amount of cheesiness and the cast and music had the children and adults joining in. Mrs Francis and I were cheering extra loudly when Miss Shepphard and Mrs Gadd were pulled up to … Read more

November 10, 2017
by Mrs Hayes

Dare we say the C word?

Christmas is looming and we have been busy learning the songs for our Christmas play. This year we will be performing ‘Christmas Counts’. Not only are the songs super fun, but a counting theme runs throughout meaning that even during the Christmas play the children are still learning! We have allocated roles this week and you will be receiving Parentmail notifications stating your child’s role and what they should wear. The children all chose their own roles and I was really impressed with how well the children knew themselves and what they would feel confident and comfortable doing. No matter … Read more

November 4, 2017
by Mrs Hayes

Well done

Well done to all the children who have come in this week without the assistance of their grown up. It is incredible to see how much these small people have evolved and grown up so much already in the space of just a few weeks. We started our week with a danceathon and have already raised a lot of money for the NSPCC. This really is such a worthy cause and the children enjoyed the danceathon so much. We are still accepting sponsorship money, so if you haven’t already handed the money in there is still time. This week we … Read more

October 14, 2017
by Mrs Haworth

Harvest week

We loved joining the rest of the school on Thursday for the Harvest assembly. We joined in with the dingle dangle scarecrow and listened beautifully.  I was very proud of their behaviour indeed! Thank you for your contributions for the Hart foodbank, a very worthy cause. We ‘explored’ pumpkins this week, by explored I mean: We counted the seeds We planted the seeds We lifted it and talked about its weight and compared it to the weight of other things. We used the mathematical language of heavier/lighter. We dropped it and it rolled. This led to discussion on its round shape and … Read more

October 8, 2017
by Mrs Haworth

What will you pass on to your children?

As I sit here starting my blog I can see three goldfinches in my hedge. They are delightful with their red heads and golden flashes on their wings. My mum and dad have passed onto me their love of birds and nature. I am now an avid twitcher looking up birds in a bird book and identifying them gives me joy. It helps me relax and be quiet and still.  As parents it doesn’t matter what you enjoy, but what does matter is remembering to share it with your children. If they are not interested in the same thing as … Read more

September 30, 2017
by Mrs Haworth


If your child creates anything amazing at home bring it in and we will celebrate it by displaying it on our Wow wall. You will find this display outside Badger Class. We are also in the process of creating an autumn display on the board outside Eagle Class. Please feel free to have a look in the morning at drop off time. Well, it has been a busy week and children are settling into our routines so well. They are learning to take turns and listen to each other. It is lovely seeing them chat to each other at our … Read more